ACTIVE™ 2.3 Electric Pressure Washer

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The Active 2.3 is an extension of Active research in product development of the  Active 2.0 and is built for the professional consumer. Continuous product testing and seeking means to improve our product offering through consumer feedback a big breakthroughs in developing a cohesive solution that the market needs, in terms of both product design and performance.

The 2.3 comes equipped with an updated brass endplate 5-Piston Pro Pump and a 128 Induction motor, which gives you 2.3 GPM at 1100 PSI. The combined operating output of 2,500 cleaning units will make any cleaning task a breeze. Seriously this machine packs a punch! The package also comes with all the basic accessories you need to get started with. This includes a 40’ steel braided rubber hose, metal pressure washer gun and lance, foam cannon and 4 nozzles (0,15,25,40) with a bonus mounting cage for a versatile cleaning experience.  

Product Specifications:

Load Voltage: 120V/60 Hz

Rated Current: 14A

Power Cord: 35 ft. 14 AWG with GFCI

Peak Pressure: 1500 PSI

Working Pressure: 1100 PSI

Water Flow: 2.3 GPM


  • With frame: 20.5 x 11.5 x 12.25 inches (520 x 290 x 310mm)
  • No frame: 17.5 x 9 x 6 inches (444.5 x 228.6 x 152.4mm)


  • With frame: 45.5lbs (20kgs)
  • No frame: 29 lbs (13kgs)

The package also comes with all the basic accessories you need to get started with. This includes:

  • 1.45mm nozzle for after market foam cannons to maintain current draw under 15A.
  • Bonus mounting cage for a versatile cleaning experience.
  • 40’ steel braided rubber hose.
  • Metal pressure washer gun and lance.
  • Foam cannon and 4 nozzles (0,15,25,40).


What are the electric input requirements to operate the Active 2.3?

The Active 2.3 is designed to run on a 15A circuit rated at 120V/60Hz. We discourage the use of extension cords, but if one must be used, we recommend using an extension cord not longer than 50’ and it must be rated for 14 AWG.


What generator/ power bank spec do I need to power the Active 2.3 in a mobile set-up?

The Active 2.3 requires a generator or power bank with rated running watts of 1800W and surge watts of 2200W. Meeting the spec will ensure you can operate the pressure washer without any disruptions.


What are the required inlet pressure and flow specs required to operate the Active 2.3?

The pressure washer operating output is a 1100 PSI and 2.3 GPM. The minimum required inlet pressure and flow is 40 PSI and 4.8 GPM to ensure the washer operates as intended.


What are the pump adapter connection specs on the Active 2.3?

The pressure washer inlet size is ¾” with 11.5 TPI threads (this is the standard North American Garden Hose connector size). The outlet of the pressure washer is M22-14mm. When it comes to using accessories or quick connects, ensure the spec matches the pump requirements.


What nozzle orifice size is compatible with the Active 2.3?

The Active 2.3 comes with a 4.4 orifice size (est. 1.4mm) This is done to ensure the machine outputs the best balance of pressure and flow under 15A current draw. If you are to change the nozzles for varying applications, we recommend the use of nozzles between 4.0 to 6.0)


What foam cannon orifice size is compatible with the Active 2.3?

The recommended foam cannon orifice size is a 1.5mm orifice to ensure the current draw is under 15A during normal foaming operations.


What pressure washer hose material and length are compatible with the Active 2.3?

You can use any aftermarket hose with the Active 2.3 as long as it is compatible with the M22-14mm outlet adapter. The preferred hose type and length is steel braided rubber hose under 100 ft. in length. Non-steel braided hosing may expand under pressure and prevent the pressure washer from reaching its peak pressure (continuous running)


What is the warranty policy and do I need to register my Active 2.3 for warranty?

This pressure washer comes with a 2-year residential warranty and a 1-year commercial warranty (read the product manual for more details) This product requires registration prior to warranty support on our product registration portal. Ensure you have your purchase proof, purchase store, order ID and serial number for registration.


What steps do I need to follow if my Active 2.3 pressure washer is not working as intended?

The first step to follow is to read your product manual for troubleshooting. Active will soon be providing videos on product maintenance, upkeep and troubleshooting so this will be an additional resource as a troubleshooting guide. If product troubleshooting does fail, please ensure you email for agent support. Make sure to register your product prior to contacting Active.


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