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Surface Preparation Solution

Introducing Panel Prep, a comprehensive and highly effective solution for thorough surface preparation. The unique formulation of isopropyl alcohol, specialized degreasers, and surfactants work together to eliminate any residual compounds and polishing oils that may have been left behind from previous detailing steps, resulting in a completely clean surface that is ready for further treatment. The inclusion of a sophisticated foaming agent not only provides a smooth and effortless application but also acts as a lubricant to minimize the risk of swirling or any other forms of marring during the preparation process.

As the first and crucial step in any surface protection routine, Panel Prep ensures that the subsequent waxing, sealing, or coating steps will be able to perform at their maximum potential. The ability of Panel Prep to clean and prepare surfaces thoroughly, in combination with its user-friendly formula, makes it an essential tool for both professional detailers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Whether you are looking for your true finish during polishing or simply ensuring the longevity of your paint's protection, Panel Prep is an indispensable part of your detailing arsenal.



Shake well.

Avoid allowing to dry on the surface.

Avoid applying in direct sunlight.

Wear skin protection.

Wear respiratory protection.

Wear eye protection.

Always test in small area before full application.


1. For optimal results, spray Panel Prep evenly onto the desired surface and allow it to dwell for 15-30 seconds to effectively dissolve unwanted oils.

2. Wipe the surface with a short nap towel until it is clear, flipping the towel or using a secondary towel for a final wipe.

3. To avoid overspray, be sure to wipe surrounding areas as well.

4. Repeat as necessary until surface oils or protection have been removed.


Why is surface preparation important before applying protection?


Surface preparation is crucial to ensure that any previous compounds, oils, or contaminants are removed from the surface, allowing the protection to bond effectively and last longer.

How do I use Panel Prep?


Simply spray Panel Prep onto the surface that you want to clean and prepare, and wipe it down with a clean microfiber towel. Make sure to work in small sections to ensure that the product does not dry on the surface.

Is Panel Prep safe for my car's paint?


Yes, Panel Prep is completely safe for your car's paint. Its unique formulation of isopropyl alcohol, specialized degreasers, and surfactants work together to eliminate any residual compounds and polishing oils without damaging the paint. In fact, Panel Prep is an essential step in ensuring your protection's longevity.

Can Panel Prep be used to remove water spots?


While Panel Prep is not specifically designed to remove water spots, its highly effective cleaning formula can help to remove them if they are not too deeply ingrained. For more stubborn water spots, it is recommended to use a dedicated water spot remover before using Panel Prep for thorough surface preparation.

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