Armour Detail | Tire Cleaner Concentrate 128oz | Gallon

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Introducing Tire Cleaner, the epitome of heavy-duty cleaning for rubber and plastic surfacesWith its exceptional foaming capabilities and specialized degreasers, Tire Cleaner effortlessly targets and eliminates tire blooming, stubborn dirt, grime, and old dressings from tires, leaving them with a clean and refreshed surface, ready for the application of your favorite dressing.

The benefits don't end there - Tire Cleaner's versatility extends to wheel wells, rubber or plastic floor mats, general wheel cleaning, and heavy-duty degreasing for engine bays, undercarriages, and more. No matter the surface, Tire Cleaner's highly concentrated formula works harmoniously, ensuring safe results when properly diluted. Discover the heavy cleaning power of Tire Cleaner as it revitalizes your tires, wheel wells, floor mats, and more, leaving them looking as good as new.

Tire Cleaner is safe for use on all rubber, plastic, and painted surfaces. Keep away from raw uncoated aluminum and sensitive leather/vinyl. Tire Cleaner is the ultimate choice for automotive enthusiasts who demand a highly effective cleaner for Rubber and Plastic Surfaces.

Recommended Dilution Ratios For Concentrate(Dilute To Desired Strength):

1:1 - Extreme Duty Tire Cleaning (Proceed with Caution)

2:1 - Heavy Tire Cleaning, Engine Bay and Under Carriage Degreasing

4:1 - Maintenance Tire, Wheel, Engine Bay Cleaning, Wheel Well Cleaning, and Rubber/Plastic Matt Cleaning


Shake well.

Avoid allowing to dry on the surface.

Avoid applying in direct sunlight.

Wear skin protection.

Wear respiratory protection.

Wear eye protection.

Always test in small area before full application.


1. For optimal results, first ensure the surface is cool, and out of direct sunlight.

2. Spray a liberal amount of Tire Cleaner directly onto the surface and allow it to dwell for 30 seconds.

3. Agitate the tire or desired surface to remove any excessive build up.

4. Thoroughly flush away all chemical residue with a strong stream of water, ensuring removal from all crevices.

5. Repeat as needed or until the foam no longer turns brown.

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