Bio Bombs - Lemon Fresh Aerosol Fogger

Sale price$14.99 CAD


🍋 Lemon Fresh Scent 🍋

Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and hello to a refreshing lemon grove experience. Use it anywhere odor is a problem 

🚀 Dual Spray Option 🚀

Two spray choices: a quick burst shot or a total release for a comprehensive overhaul. The power is in your hands!

🚗 Grab & Go Size 🚗

Sized just right for your glove box or center console, Bio-Clean Air is always within reach. Quick access to a breath of fresh air has never been so convenient.

🚙 Auto Refresh: 🚙

Perfect for minor odors and maintaining that just-detailed freshness. This highly concentrated aerosol spray works like magic with just a little burst, ensuring your car always feels inviting.

🍋 The Scent of Lemon Bliss 🍋

How's it smell? Like you're in a lemon grove, lying under a lemon tree, while surrounded by crates of freshly picked lemons. Yeah, it smells that good. 

🌿 Clean & Chlorine-Free 🌿

Rest easy knowing Bio-Clean Air is non-staining and non-chlorinated. Freshen your space without worry.


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