Diamond ProTech - Diamond Body 36 | 30ml

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Caramel Gloss and Slick Feel

Diamond Body is a breakthrough nanodiamond coating that doesn't require professional training to achieve outstanding, hydrophobic results on your vehicle. Prep the car then apply with ease.

Diamond Body 36 offers many characteristics of professional vehicle coatings yet doesn't require professional training. With proper preparation, Diamond Body 36 will yield up to 36 months of hardened, hydrophobic protection while your car exhibits an amazing caramel gloss shine.


  • 3 Years of Hydrophobic Protection
  • Effortless, Single-Layer Application
  • Diamond Hard Scratch Resistance
  • Offers a Slick-Feeling, Intense Candy Apple Shine

    After application, allow to cure for 1 hour before using the vehicle.

    Diamond Body 36 Installation Instructions

    Download SDS: Diamond Body 36

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