DIY Detail C6 Ceramics Adhesion Promoter Polish (APP)

Sale price$51.99 CAD


C6 Ceramics APP is a water-based formulation utilizing ultra-fine aluminum oxide and ceramic resins allowing for a micro-fine cut and enhancing the surface. The solvents in the C6 Ceramics APP slightly swell the paint, and the ceramic resins lock it in that state making it more receptive to a ceramic coating.

The easy-to-use formula works with any ceramic coating to eliminate the need for a panel prep, increasing the gloss and durability of most coatings.

Ideally used sparingly with DIY Detail Red Jeweling pad (dry) and a short stroke (3-9mm) DA polisher. It can also be applied by hand.

C6 Ceramics APP isn’t time sensitive, it can be wiped off with a dry micro fibre towel as you go, or after it’s been applied to the whole vehicle. Ideally, apply the coating within 24 hours.

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