DIY Detail C6 Hydro Lite

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Note: Orders including the C6 Hydro Lite and other items will be shipped together upon the availability of the C6 Hydro Lite at our warehouse. If you require products sooner and cannot wait for the C6 Hydro Lite, kindly place separate orders.

C6 Ceramics Hydro Lite is a DIY Detail 6-year super hydrophobic ceramic coating. The formula contains Polysilazane, Silicon Carbide, Silicon Nitride, Silicon Dioxide and Refined Detonated Nano Diamonds. This reactively blended coating is made in the USA to be the best professional ceramic coating available without the need for certification. 

If you’re looking for unparalleled hydrophobics and gloss in an easy-to-apply coating, C6 Ceramics Hydro Lite is for you.

How does Hydro Lite compare to DIY Coatings? 

Hydro Lite is at the top of the consumer-line coatings (3-year, 5-year, 8-year; the stack; then Hydro Lite)

How do I maintain the coating?

Your normal wash, decontamination (when needed) and drying process. DIY Detail Products are maintenance for C6 ceramics coatings.

***Foam Coating Applicator Included.***


C6 Adhesion Promoter Polish (APP) is highly recommended before applying C6 Hydro Lite. 

  • Adhesion Promoter Polish (APP) Application Video
  • What tool do I use to apply C6 APP? A short-stroke random orbital sander is best
  • How does the C6 APP Work? APP is applied into the paint and primes for the coating
  • How do I know when to apply more? Start with 4 drops, apply more when you no longer see a trail
  • What surfaces does the C6 APP go on? Glass, trim, paint (nearly all exterior)
  • How do I level the C6 APP? Pearl weave towel, then follow up with a buffing towel
  • Can C6 APP be used with other coatings? Yes it can, the coating must be applied within 24 hours

  • How can the C6 APP be applied? DIY Detail Rotary Jeweling pad, ideally 3-8mm stroke DA


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