DIY Detail Waterless Wash 16oz

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DIY Detail Waterless wash is a great tool to have in your detailing kit.

The quality surfactants break down dirt and encapsulate it, making it safe to wipe away the dirt with a quality microfiber towel. The ceramic-infused formula leaves behind gloss and protection. DIY Detail Waterless wash is ideally suited to remove dust and fingerprints, insect and bird bombs removal, touch-up spots after a detail, and much more.

DIY Detail Waterless wash is not for heavy dirt removal.


  • Spray liberally on the surface to be cleaned, allow to dwell and encapsulate the dirt.
  • Gently wipe away with a microfibre towel, and buff to a shine with another towel.
  • DIY Detail waterless wash is safe to use on all automotive surfaces and is effective as a pre-spray for insects and bird bombs before a traditional wash. You can also use it to clean your interior and glass and as a drying aid.

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