Ethos Ceramic Shampoo

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Ceramic Shampoo

Designed with simplicity in mind and packed with the highest grade ceramic resins that add protection seamlessly during your car wash process. This formula also deep cleans and conditions ceramic coatings, while “Leveling” any low spots to provide additional protection, shine, and performance with each use. Ceramic Shampoo forever re-invents the car washing experience.

Add protection with every wash and watch as your vehicle becomes fully sealed and protected, shedding water, dirt, and contaminants with ease. Safe for use on any car ceramic coatings to “boost” protection or to add hydrophobic protection easily to any finish.

Advanced cleaners and lubricants gently remove stubborn grime to prevent scratching and swirl marks that can dull and oxidize your paint. Water-activated emulsification agents cure and harden to create stunning mirror shine reflections that enhance color and prevent fading.

Ceramic Car Shampoo bonds and fills imperfections and low spots to rejuvenate Ceramic Coatings with each use. Ph balanced cleansers won't stain, spot, or leave any unsightly residue behind making our car wash soap safe for ceramic coatings. This is the perfect car shampoo for ceramic coatings. Ceramic Resins boost the hydrophobic effect, shine, and protection of any brand of Ceramic Coating, Ceramic Spray, or Ceramic Wax.

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