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Talon+ Coating is our High-Temperature coating which is used to coat Wheels and brake components that also has a durability of up to 12 months. However, Can Double with 2 Layers of Talon+ contains over 87% Si & Si02 and is a ceramic sealer that contains a material in its composition that gives it additional flexibility and enormous resistance to extremely high temperatures. Talon also contains approximately 2.5% Titanium.


Talon can also be used on brake calipers in racing cars, where the temperature of the brake discs can reach several hundred degrees Celsius, Engine parts, Exhaust tips in addition to unpainted plastic panels and trims. Talon+ is a Hyper-hydrophobic Nano-ceramic glass coating for wheels/rims of all types of surfaces. Let it be chrome, powder coat, polished aluminum, steel, painted etc.

  • 1 Year+ Durability
  • Hyper hydrophobic Nano-ceramic ⁠
  • Great hydrophobicity
  • Heat resistant up to 800C
  • Multi-layerable for added protection
  • Highest Levels of Depth & Gloss for Wheel Coating on the Market