Fireball Wheel & Tire Cleaner 500ml

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Fireball Wheel & Tire is a cleaner for keeping the car wheel and tire clean. Based on excellent adhesion effect, it quickly removes contaminants on severely contaminated wheel and inner rims parts that cannot be reached with hand.

It also cleanly removes browning of tire to care the tire and wheel without damaging them. Giving your tire a better bonding with tire dressing. 

Directions for use:

  • Shake well before using the product
  • Ensure surface is cool before using the product
  • Spray around the wheel and rims and use a wheel brush to remove stubborn contaminants
  • Hose down with water before product dries up

Note: Surfaces must be completely cool before using the products. 

Avoid applying in direct sunlight.

Do not use on chrome wheels

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