GEIST Rapid Leather & Vinyl Cleaner PRO

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  • QUALITY: designed in Germany, this high-quality cleaner performs exceptionally well on heavy dirt.
  • FOAM CLEANING: includes a foam dispenser which means lower product consumption and a better clean
  • EFFECTIVE: a powerful cleaner that lifts dirt stuck in the leather texture and graining
  • VERSATILE: suitable for non-absorbent leather, vinyl, synthetic and faux leather.
  • DYE TRANSFER: it can also remove certain dye transfer stains.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: high-strength formula widely used by professionals.

For fast cleaning of heavy dirt and soiling on leather car seats, sofas, furniture, bags, and shoes | Water-based | Strong leather cleaner

Formulated for use as a high-strength cleaner that provides deep, quick and effortless cleaning for leather, vinyl, synthetic or artificial leather. Heavy dirt that is stuck in the leather grain is often hard to clean - when this cleaner is paired with Geist. Leather Cleaning Brush offers exceptional cleaning performance. Ideal for cleaning heavy dirt on leather car seats, furniture, couch, handbags, etc.

Why a foam bottle?

A foam cleaner has several advantages over a spray on leather cleaner. Foams clean the leather more efficiently than liquid agents, product consumption is considerably lower, and the leather does not become very wet. Consistently making leather very wet can make cause the leather to go hard after drying.


  • Pour the cleaner into a foam dispenser.
  • Foam the cleaner on to a cloth or sponge and work in circular motions one panel at a time.
  • For a deeper clean, foam directly onto a leather cleaning brush and scrub gently.
  • Wipe off residue with a moist cloth.
  • Always test in a hidden area before use.

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