GYEON Q²M ECOWash SiO2 Rinseless Wash

Size: 500ml
Sale price$21.00 CAD



Q²M ECOWash enables you to efficiently and safely clean your vehicle without the need for running water or a setup with a drain, all while preventing detergent runoff into the soil or driveway. It offers three versatile applications: as a waterless wash, as a rinseless wash, and as a drying aid. The concentrated formula allows you to experiment with different dilutions, finding your preferred mix based on application, usage, climate, and personal preference.

SIO2 INFUSED: Q²M ECOWash incorporates SiO2, providing a slick, highly glossy finish, along with water-repellency and self-cleaning abilities. This makes it an excellent choice for maintaining ceramic-coated cars in regions where a regular wash is impractical or prohibited by law. The enhanced slickness adds an extra layer of safety during the wash.

3 IN 1: Regardless of your preferred method of using Q²M ECOwash in your area, we've ensured that each application can be done easily and, most importantly, safely. Waterless wash: dilute 1:15/1:10 - Rinseless: dilute 1:256/1:150 - Drying aid: dilute 1:20.

BEST PRACTICE AND PRO-TIPS FROM YVES HEYLEN: In Belgium, where water usage limitations are not drastic (except in Summer), my preferred way to use Q²M ECOwash is as a drying aid. A few sprays on my Q²M SilkDryer EVO ensure an ideal gliding effect for 2-3 panels during my drying process, leaving behind no streaks and a nice slick effect.

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