Labocosmetica DÙCTILE - All Purpose Cleaner - 500ml & 4.5L

Size: 500ml
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Product suitable for particularly dirty cars or cars to be reconditioned. DÙCTILE is an extremely concentrated versatile detergent with high cleaning power, effective on all types of surfaces both inside and outside the car. The product has been approved by Alcantara® for the removal of stubborn stains such as drinks or organic and greasy residues without discoloring the fabrics. Its innovative cationic surfactants allow it to leave the tissues soft and fluffy, which is unusual for an APC.

To obtain a delicate and deep cleaning on plastics and for a finish like new, DÙCTILE can be used both with a brush to create an easily workable and removable foam with a simple dry microfiber cloth, either with extraction or steam machines. Thanks to the “Odor Block” technology it neutralizes unwanted and unpleasant odors from the passenger compartment such as the smell of normal or electronic cigarettes, leaving a long-lasting fresh and clean scent duration. The versatility of its formula allows it to be effective and safe on even the most delicate fabrics, ideal for eliminating stubborn dirt such as oil and grease stains.

Its formula leaves no residue and is easily rinsed.

Dilutions (external)

  • Engines, alloy wheels and wheel arches: 1:3
  • Jokes and pre-wash: 1:20-1:30 (depending on the dirt)

Dilutions (internal)

  • Fabrics and carpets : 1:10
  • Plastics: 1:20

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