Labocosmetica GLICO - Glycolic Acid Based Fabric Cleaner - 500ml & 4.5L

Size: 500ml
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GLICO thanks to its formula with glycolic acid, the same used for personal cosmetics, is an innovative product. It is the first in its class to be patented, ideal for removing inorganic residues, minerals, dust and mixed dirt stains from seats and rugs.

GLICO is delicate on the treated surfaces, does not leave unwanted residues, restores color and softness to the fibers (Fluffy Effect) and leaves a perfect finish. Its distinctive feature is the Luminol effect: during dispensing, GLICO acts as a highlighter to detect spots not visible to sight, facilitating the removal work.

  • Complementary: eliminates dirt that an APC cannot remove;
  • Patented formula with Luminol effect, highlights spots not visible to the naked eye and allows the detailer to proceed with the correct specific pre-treatment;
  • Eliminates surfactant residues and halos resulting from washing the upholstery with alkaline detergents;
  • Unbeatable for removing post-rain seat stains or streaks caused by wet clothing (such as wet swimwear);
  • Eliminates inorganic residues, minerals such as salt from rubber or car fabric mats, dust and mixed dirt stains
  • Due to its rapid drying of the fabric it is ideal for maintenance cleaning;
  • Work times halved thanks to the 2pH® cycle with Ductile;
  • It gives the fabric a renewed color and softness (Fluffy effect);Safe on plastics, rubber and metals;
  • It does not require stain pre-treatment;

    Use as “Stand Alone” and for Maintenance:

    • Dilute GLICO 1:10, spray and brush theentire surface to be treated. Leave to work for 2-3 minutes, then wipe with a clean microfiber cloth before vacuuming the treated surface.

    “COMBO” use for the cleaning of particularly dirty upholstery:

    • Dilute GLICO 1:5, spray and brush the entire surface to be treated, and leave to work for 2-3 minutes.
    • Without rinsing next spray DUCTILE 1:10 dilution, and brush the surface.
    • Vacuum where saponification occurson the treated surface and complete the process by rinsing with a traditional injection-extractionor steam cleaner or a damp cloth

    For the cleaning of brushes and making the bristles soft again, leave them to soak in GLICO 1:5 dilution for about one hour.

    In case of overspray, the product is safe on any material (Alcantara®, plastic, leather, metal, carbon, Kevlar)

    It can also be used during traditional cleaning as the final rinsing step, as a 1:50 dilution, to remove the alkaline surfactants used previously.

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