Labocosmetica IDROSAVE 250ml & 1L

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IDROSAVE - Polymer rinseless wash infused with nano sealant


IDROSAVE - POLYMER RINSELESS WASH by Labocosmetica is an innovative formulation that offers a complete solution for washing and protecting vehicles in a single operation, without the need for additional rinsing. Its composition includes a mixture of polymers and surfactants enriched with reactive nano sealants, which work together to remove and encapsulate dirt while at the same time protecting the vehicle's surface. This means you can achieve excellent results with minimal effort, ensuring an effective yet gentle clean on treated surfaces. This process makes washing safe, as it effectively acts without compromising the integrity of the vehicle's surface, also contributing to significant
water savings.
The highly detergent and concentrated formula ensures no streaks after drying, providing excellent performance even with very hard water or directly from the tap. The cleaning power of Idrosave is equal, if not superior, to that of conventional car shampoos.
Moreover, the presence of Reactive Nano Sealants provides additional protection to the vehicle's surface, creating a Self-Cleaning Nano-Sealant Protection. This extra protection is designed to maintain the paint's brilliance and protect the surface from weather and daily wear. Reactive Nano Sealants chemically bond to the treated surface, creating a stable connection that helps keep the surface cleaner for a longer period. This contributes to limiting the accumulation of dust and dirt on the vehicle's surface, facilitating the
maintenance of its cleanliness and shine over time.
IDROSAVE is the ideal choice for cleaning surfaces on cars, motorcycles, and airplanes. In addition to being easily biodegradable, its reduced need for water makes this product a responsible choice for the environment.



1. Prepare a bucket equipped with a grit guard.

2. Dilute the product in water at a ratio of 1:256, meaning 1 ouce of product per 2 gallons of water, directly into the bucket.

3. Fill a manual spray bottle or a spray dispenser with the freshly prepared solution.


4. Spray the solution onto a section of the car to soften the dirt. Treat one panel at a time.

5. Allow to act for a maximum of 2 minutes and never let the product dry on the panel.

6. Dip a soft microfiber mitt or a suitable sponge into the bucket.

7. Gently pass the mitt or sponge over the car without applying pressure.

8. Dry with a soft microfiber cloth.

9. Treat one panel at a time.

10. Repeat steps 4 to 9 until the entire vehicle is cleaned.



Never allow the product to dry on the surface, as the high concentration of nano sealants can cause difficult-to-remove streaks. Due to the high concentration, the microfiber cloths used with Idrosave may develop an unwanted hydrophobic effect after use. To maintain the performance of microfiber cloths used with Idrosave, we advise never to let them dry out after use and to wash them in the washing machine with detergents specific for microfiber.

Our goal is clear: to elevate cleaning standards while ensuring convenience and speed of use. With Idrosave, embrace a new car care philosophy that promises maximum performance, as long as you adhere to the instructions for a correct and risk-free car wash.

Experience, science, and innovation blend in Idrosave, creating a product that not only cleans but also protects and keeps your car cleaner for longer, showing that true innovation does not need to be justified, it is demonstrated with astonishing results and ease of use that redefines the concept of rinseless washing.

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