Labocosmetica NERO 500ml

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NERO is the new ready-to-use Tire Dressing Gel by Labocosmetica® designed to keep your tires impeccable.

NERO is the new ready-to-use Tire Dressing Gel by Labocosmetica® designed to keep your tires impeccable. Its authentic advantage over other products lies in these properties: it does not grease, leaves no sticky residue, dries quickly, and shows resistance to washings and precipitation. Nero, with its super-lubricating gel formula that is non-oily, ensures effortless application and reduced consumption.

NERO adheres perfectly to the tire without splattering on the bodywork during driving. This allows for even application and a harmonious result, even on lettering and grooves, eliminating the spiderweb effect and providing a glossy appearance to the car's tires.

  • Non-greasy and leaves no sticky residue
  • Dries quickly
  • Resistant to washings
  • Gel-based formula, super lubricating and non-oily
  • Provides even application on lettering and grooves
  • Eliminates spiderweb effect and gives a shiny appearance to tires
  • Leaves a deep and silky antistatic black finish
  • Protects and renews the original color of all types of tires
  • Provides long-lasting protection against cracking, harmful chemicals, and the effects of weather.



Apply the product evenly to the tire and let it dry.


  • Dispense the product onto a microfiber pad
  • Distribute the product evenly on the surface
  • Let the product dry on the surface

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