Labocosmetica Perfecta si02 - 500ml

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Thanks to the presence of SiO2, PERFÈCTA is the ideal product for post-coating maintenance: it maintains and prolongs the hydrophobic beading and sheeting capabilities of previously applied sealants or nano treatments over time. It can be used both as a Quick Detailer to enhance paint gloss and remove light dirt, and as a ceramic spray when you need to enhance both gloss and hydrophobic effect. It is ideal when used as a "topper" for any type of protective product, such as traditional waxes, sealants like CUPÌDO 2.0, SiO2-based coatings, and coatings in general.

Compared to traditional Quick Detailers, it offers significant water repellency and durability, surpassing common quick detailers on the market. It provides high resistance to chemical agents and longevity superior to any other quick detailer.

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