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To date there are only neutral products on the market that fail to eliminate mineral contaminations such as, for example, lime stains, which in addition to compromising previously applied sealant protections, can be difficult to remove and create damage to the clearcoat of the bodywork, which will necessarily have to be polished to be restored.

Preludio Acidic by Labocosmetica, has been specially developed, to eliminate these inorganic mineral contaminations. For example, after a day of rain or snowfall, the car can accumulate significant amounts of inorganic dirt on the bodywork, especially if it is sandy rain. This occurs because the water, as it evaporates, leaves mineral deposits that, over time, tend to form a layer that is difficult to remove.

Preludio Acidic specifically addresses inorganic dirt of mineral origin that requires an acidic pH treatment to dissolve and remove. Unlike neutral or alkaline cleaners, it specializes in effectively removing this type of dirt that tends to solidify on the bodywork. A neutral or alkaline product is not sufficient to remove this microscopic mineral layer that solidifies and layers on the paint, and this is where the power of Preludio Acidic is essential.



Preludio Acidic’s emollient acid formula penetrates limescale deposits and mineral films, dissolving them and lifting them from the surface more quickly and effectively than a neutral or alkaline product. This allows you to remove dirt and contamination that has now softened, minimizing the risk of microscratches on the bodywork of your car. The product is less powerful than a specific product for removing limescale stains and mineral residues, but it is more delicate and respectful of the treated surfaces and can be used for frequent use. The acidic formula of Preludio Acidic is unique, thanks to special suspending surfactants that guarantee rapid and effective removal of strongly anchored dirt without compromising the safety of your car.


How To Use

Types of dirt removed:

  • Mineral residues: Often caused by hard water, mineral residues can leave streaks and stains on the surface of the bodywork that an acid pre-wash can remove.
  • Limescale deposits: Similar to mineral residues, limescale deposits can form due to the evaporation of water on the bodywork, leaving whitish stains.
  • Industrial dirt: Particles and residues from industrial plants can deposit on the bodywork, making it dull and dirty. An acidic prewash helps dissolve and remove these particles.
  • Surface oxidation: While it may not act as a specific paint restoration product, an acid prewash can help reduce the appearance of surface oxidation.
  • Renews PPF protection: Preludio Acidic works on the PPF by dissolving and removing residues such as mineral deposits, water stains or other substances that a neutral detergent cannot address. The acidity of the product breaks the chemical bonds between dirt and the PPF surface, allowing the film to be purified without damaging it. The PPF will appear clearer and cleaner, and the car surface will feel smoother to the touch and return to its natural hydrophobicity.



Step 1:

Dilute Preludio Acidic according to the specific directions for the desired treatment.

Step 2:

Distribute the product evenly over the contaminated areas to be treated.

Step 3:

Leave for about one minute. Proceed to remove the dirt using the waterless (waterless) or rinseless (rinseless) method.



 -Dirty Severe: 1:5
 -Intense Dirt: 1:10
Preludio Acidic works as a powerful acid presoak, gently dissolving and sequestering  limestone and mineral deposits and other contamination. It also removes the thin patina generated by limescale residue that settles on the bodywork even on applied nano-sealing and ceramic protectors, without the need to rub the cloth on the surface, making the operation safer. Mix 1 part solution with 50 parts water.

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