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To date there are only neutral products on the market that can only soften dirt but not dissolve it. Labocosmetica's Preludio Alkaline was developed to respond to the variety of organic soils that can accumulate on vehicle surfaces such as, for example, road grime, wheel dirt, insect remains, smog deposits, exhaust fumes, fuel traces, and even difficult stains such as bird droppings, which a neutral product struggles to remove or needs longer time. Due to its alkaline nature, Preludio Alkaline is able to dissolve and remove organics quickly in a safe and gentle manner, preserving paint quality and providing a deep, long-lasting clean.


Prelude Alkaline works as an effective alkaline presoak, dissolving stubborn dirt encrustations such as organics, road debris, and other contaminations. Its main mission is to prepare the surface for subsequent washing without water (Waterless) or with minimal water (Rinseless), making the process smoother and much safer.

In fact, thanks to its emollient formula, Labocosmetica’s Preludio Alkaline penetrates deep into the dirt, dissolving and lifting it from the surface, greatly facilitating the waterless washing process and making it safer. This avoids cloth rubbing to remove stubborn dirt and also eliminates the use of abrasive cloths, thus reducing the risk of creating swirls. This is because the dirt, having turned into liquid form, is no longer solid, making wiping the cloth much safer.

Preludio Alkaline is a versatile cleaner that offers a remarkable dirt-dissolving capacity that a neutral product cannot provide, without compromising the safety of the most delicate surfaces on cars, motorcycles, bicycles and airplanes.


How To Use

Types of dirt removed:

  • Dirt from the rims: Preludio Alkaline effectively removes stubborn dirt from the rims and brake dust produced during daily use of the car.
  • Insects and Exhaust Fumes: Its advanced formula dissolves and eliminates insect residues and deposits left by exhaust fumes, which can adhere to the surface of the vehicle.
  • Traffic film: eliminates the patina caused by city smog which, if stratified, can dull the car’s paint.
  • Cars with PPF (Protection Film): Gently removes the opaque film that can form on transparent protective films (PPF) without damaging them.
  • White Cars: eliminates the problem of yellowing and opaqueness that frequently affects white cars, restoring their original shine.



Step 1:

Dilute Preludio Alkaline according to the specific directions for the desired treatment.

Step 2:

Distribute the product evenly over the contaminated areas to be treated.

Step 3:

Leave for about one minute. Proceed to remove the dirt using the waterless (waterless) or rinseless (rinseless) method.



 -Dirty Severe: 1:5
 -Intense Dirt: 1:10
 -PPF Clean and White Cars: 1:15

 -Dirty Fresh: 1:20


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