Labocosmetica PURÌFICA - 1L & 4.5L

Size: 1L
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Purifica is the world's first acid shampoo in car detailing, and is still extremely innovative today. This exceptional acid shampoo, created with Labocosmetica's innovative vision, continues to be a leading choice for car detailing enthusiasts worldwide. Its primary function is to eliminate the thin layer generated by lime residue that builds up on the vehicle’s bodywork. This light formation of mineral contamination can sometimes be invisible, but it is the main cause of a loss of brightness because it builds up over time and makes the car appear duller. This effect is particularly evident on black vehicles.

The improved formula of Purifica maintains the VDA safety certification, confirming our commitment to product quality and safety. Both in laboratory tests and in response to customer evaluations, Purifica has proven to excel in limescale removal, retaining its descaling properties even when significantly diluted.

Increased dilution range: now it maintains its acidic pH effectiveness even when heavily diluted, up to 1:400 (maintenance wash). Exceptional Versatility: Purifica caters to various cleaning needs, whether used as a hand shampoo in a bucket or as a pre-wash dispensed in a foam gun or spray. More adherent and long-lasting foam: Improved coverage and enhanced decontamination. Foam Gun Use: Now you can achieve excellent results even using Purifica with a foam gun, making car washing even simpler and more effective. Restores and revitalizes the performance of nanotechnology coatings and sealants, giving a shine to the treated surface. Maintains the VDA Certification, attesting compatibility and safety on the most delicate materials. Formulation without waxes or sealants to preserve the natural performance of existing protections, allowing precise control of the lifecycle of previously applied protections.

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