Lex Labels

Label: APC
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Lex Labels will just look too good on your garage! Check the options available and set up your space. 

* Customized Label:

  1. Allow up to 10 business days to receive your customized labels
  2. Character limit: 9

*We ship to the US: send an email to hello@tocsupplies.ca with your label order and we will get it ready for you. 

    Label Application Instruction:

    1. Completely clean the bottle in the application area and dry it.
    2. Pull off the backing paper
    3. Carefully line up and place decal to the front of the bottle
    4. Apply pressure with a hard edge (ie. credit card)
    5. Slowly and carefully remove the transfer paper.

    psst: check IK Sprayers to make it look even better.

    Note: iK Sprayer bottle not included.

    Learn how to apply Lex Labels on the iK Sprayer bottle

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