Maniac Black Wrap Shampoo

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 Washes and protects anti-limescale action

Black & Wrap Shampoo is a 2-in-1 product designed to clean and protect black, lm-coated or PPF cars, even with a matte finish. The product, thanks to its formula rich in mineral contents, drastically prevents the formation of lime-scale stains during the drying phase. Revitalizes the car paint by thoroughly eliminating the most persistent dirt. The high lubricating properties of Black & Wrap Shampoo create a slippery surface that allows a wash mitt to slide without the risk of creating unwanted micro-scratches.

  • 2 in 1: shiny and stain-resistant shampoo in only one product.
  • Its formula eliminates the limescale microfilm that forms wash after wash
  • Designed for deep and delicate washing with decontaminating action on black cars, PPF filmed cars or matte finishing cars.
  • The high lubricating property creates a slippery surface that allows the glove to slide without the risk of creating mini scratches or swirls.
  • Used periodically, it eliminates that gray patina that makes black and opaque paints dull, restoring the original shine
  • Formula rich in mineral sequestrants that drastically prevents the formation of limestone stains (waterspot) during the drying phase
  • Excellent economy thanks to the high dilution ratios up to 1: 300 (1 part of product and 300 parts of water)
  • Delicately and delicately removes even the most persistent dirt
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates the paint or the protective adhesive film (PPF – Paint Protection Film).
  • Completely safe on any type of nano coating

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