Maniac Interior Cleaner Purifier

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Car interior cleaner

Interior Cleaner Purifier has in fact passed the stringent international tests of virucidal and bactericidal activity carried out at independent external laboratories accredited to ISO 17025: 2005.

Interior Cleaner Purifier from Mafra 's Maniac Line is a safe and effective car interior cleaner, which allows a triple action on the treated surface. Once applied, the product will perform a decontaminating, sanitizing and anti-odor action. It does not stress the fibers but softens them, revives the colors and does not dehydrate the skin, leaving a homogeneous finish without streaks on plastic materials. Ideal for modern cars where there is a combination of different materials such as microfiber leather, aluminum and carbon.

  • TRIPLE ACTION: Interior Cleaner Purifier from the Maniac Car Detailing Line is a cleaner for the passenger compartment of the car that allows obtaining a triple cleaning, sanitizing and anti-odor action on the treated surface;
  • SAFE: thanks to its safe and effective formula it is possible to use the product even daily for quick decontaminating action without stressing the surfaces.
  • CERTIFICATE: The product has passed various virucidal tests carried out in independent external laboratories accredited to ISO 17025: 2005 such as UNI EN 14476, UNI EN 1276, UNI EN 13697;
  • ODOR-STOP: Odor Stop technology that instantly neutralizes unpleasant odors.



  1. Dispense the product on the surface to be treated evenly Wipe with a dry and clean microfibre cloth;
  2. In the presence of medium or heavily anchored dirt: Spray the product evenly on the surface;
  3. Work the product with a brush or soft bristle brush until foam is formed;
  4. Remove the product with a soft damp microfibre cloth;
  5. Dry the surface with a second dry and clean microfiber cloth.

Extraordinary cleaning or difficult dirt inside the car - Use the pure product.

For cleaning on medium dirt: Dilute the product 1: 1.

For ordinary cleaning: Dilute the product 1: 3.


RECOMMENDATIONS: Before using the product, a thorough preliminary suction is required to remove coarse dirt and dust present on seats, rugs and carpets to avoid the formation of halos during drying.

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