Maniac Wheel & Tyre Cleaner

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Removes brake dust and road dirt

    Wheel & Tire Cleaner from Mafra's Maniac Line ™ is a product that effectively dissolves winter road dirt and dust from brakes, tires and the entire wheel compartment.

    The product can be applied to car rims where brake dust accumulates. On tires, where there is the stratification of previously applied polishes and road dirt, it is possible to apply Wheel & Tire Cleaner and prepare the car rubber for the subsequent polishing or dressing phase.

    Thanks to the creation of a powerful lubricated foam and the great cleaning action of the product, it can also be applied inside the wheel compartment where, very often, coarse road dirt is present. Thanks to its safety of use, it is possible to apply the product on any type of rim and on any type of tire, such as historical ones, with white bands or sports and off-road ones. 

    How To Use: For extraordinary cleaning: use the product diluted up to 1: 3 according to the tenacity of stubborn dirt;

    1. For winter dirt: Dilute 1: 5 (1 part of product and 5 parts of water);
    2. For summer dirt: Dilute 1:10 ( 1 part of product and 10 parts of water).
    3. Apply the solution directly on the surface to be treated;
    4. Leave the product to act for a period of between 2 and 5 minutes;
    5. Work the product with a brush or a brush until you reach the hidden areas;
    6. Rinse. In case of stubborn dirt, repeat the operation with the help of a brush or a brush.

    The application of Wheel & Tire Cleaner, eliminating the dirt, allows to speed up the subsequent operations reducing the risk of damage to the bodywork during the washing phase. The product has a sweet and pleasant fragrance.


    RECOMMENDATIONS: Use the product only on completely cold surfaces, and make sure that the surface to be treated is completely cooled due to its proximity to the braking system. Never let the product dry. 

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