MTM HYDRO M22 15MM X 3/8TH Stainless QC Coupler 24.5022

Sale price$20.99 CAD


MTM Hydro's Stainless M22 Twist Seal Plug X QC Fittings bring the best of the European market and the demands of the U.S market into a single joint. These newly launched fittings boast the premium look and feel of stainless with the practical anticorrosion properties of AISI 304. 

For the Stainless M22 Coupler (15mm) by 3/8" QC Plug to match these, see item 24.5008.

When purchasing M22 fittings, the black portion is considered the Coupler. The brass exposed threads are considered the Plug and is meant to thread into the black coupler.

Terminology may vary when referencing M22s among suppliers. MTM Hydro nomenclature refers to the black twist coupler portion as "M22F" while the plugs (threads) are referred to as "M22M" followed by the sizing of the secondary end as NPT or other Variant of M22. MTM Hydro M22 manufacturing materials are offered in stainless, brass, and plated steel depending upon the item. See image for clarification.

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