P&S 3/8 Spigot White Male, 3/4 NPT Male for 5 Gallon

Sale price$4.99 CAD


The P&S Spigot for 5 Gallon Bottles helps you easily dispense chemicals from your 5-gallon P&S bottles! With larger bottles, it can be hard to safely dispense chemicals into small bottles for daily use. You can try to tip these large bottles slowly, grab a buddy to help lift and fill, or any other tips and tricks to get the job done, however, it always seems like there is always a spill. With this spigot, you can attach it directly to your P&S 5-gallon bottles. With a simple turn, you can fill smaller bottles quickly. Turn the spigot off and keep the 5-gallon bottles stored and ready to fill bottles at any moment!


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