P&S Eucalyptus Fragrance (Mint Tea Essence)

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Get the power and smell the difference with the high-powered super concentrate P&S Eucalyptus Fragrance (Mint Tea Essence). This unique selection of fragrances has been hand-selected by team P&S are utilized in many of the popular P&S products by both enthusiasts and professional detailers.  These super concentrates have been formulated for optimum performance. One pint of P&S Fragrance Concentrate makes up to two gallons of power-packed scent.

Depending upon the strength required dilute as preferred or up to a maximum of to 15 to 1.  One pint will make up to 2 gallons of ready-to-use fragrance.  Once detail is complete spray apply a light misting of diluted fragrance on to the carpet or under the seat.  Close doors and allow to sit for 20 minutes prior to vehicle delivery. 

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