Stubby Nozzle Co. Drying Nozzle for EGO Blower

Model: New Generation
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(Compatible w/ the 530, 575, 580, 615, 650, & 765 Model EGO Leaf Blowers)

Note: EGO Leaf blower not included, Blowerband™ sold separately. 

The EGO stubby car drying nozzle is the perfect accessory to turn your EGO leaf blower into the ultimate car drying machine! The shortened length (about 12" less than the stock EGO tube) makes the blower much more maneuverable when drying your vehicle and the slightly tapered outlet directs the air into a tight stream allowing for even faster drying times. Add a protective, silicone Blowerband™ tip and never worry about scratching your car's paint again!

- 8" long
- Perfectly fits the Blowerband™ (a soft, silicone protective guard that slides onto the end of the stubby nozzle and protects your vehicle's paint from accidental bumps)
- Compatible with most EGO POWER+ leaf blowers (see full compatibility list below)
- Securely attaches to the blower - won't blow off, yet is still removable
- 3D printed out of durable PETG plastic
- Designed and made in Atlanta, GA
- EGO leaf blower pictured is NOT included

- 530 CFM (LB5300 / LB5302)
- 575 CFM (LB5750 / LB5754)
- 580 CFM (LB5800 / LB5804)
- 615 CFM (LB6150 / LB6151)
- 650 CFM (LB6500 / LB6504)
- 765 CFM (LB7654 / LB7654-2)

Which generation is my EGO blower?

- If your EGO blower was manufactured after 2019, select the "New generation" option
- If your EGO blower was manufactured before 2019, select the "Old generation" option
- Compare your EGO blower to the last two images provided above to determine which generation you have
- The model of your EGO blower (e.g. 530 vs. 650) has nothing to do with the generation

Videos of the EGO Stubby Car Drying Nozzle in action

How to remove the EGO Stubby Car Drying Nozzle

Product review video

Disclaimer - Stubby Nozzle Co. LLC is not affiliated with EGO. The EGO Stubby Car Drying Nozzle is an aftermarket part. Stubby Nozzle Co. is not liable for any damage, express or implied, this product may cause to you, your leaf blower, your vehicle, or other people. The user is responsible for verifying that the product is securely attached to the leaf blower before each use.

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