Stubby Nozzle Co. Drying Nozzle for Milwaukee

Sale price$52.00 CAD


(Compatible w/ M18 FUEL Leaf Blower 2724-20 & 2728-20) 

Note: Milwaukee Blower not included, Blowerband™ sold separately. 

The Milwaukee Stubby Car Drying Nozzle is the perfect accessory to turn your Milwaukee leaf blower into the ultimate car drying machine! The shortened length (about 14.5" less than the stock Milwaukee tube) makes the blower much more maneuverable when drying your vehicle and the slightly tapered outlet directs the air into a tight stream allowing for even faster drying times. Add a protective, silicone Blowerband™ tip and never worry about scratching your car's paint again!

- 8" long stubby car drying nozzle (only 4" sticks out of the blower)
- Compatible with Milwaukee M18 FUEL leaf blower (2724-20 & 2728-20)
- Compatible with the Blowerband™ - a soft, silicone tip that slides onto the end of the hard plastic stubby nozzle and protects your car's paint from accidental scratches
- Securely attaches to the blower - won't blow off, yet is still removable


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