Stubby Nozzle Co. BucketCaddy™ - The Wheel, Tire, & Detailing Brush Holder Mount Attachment for 5-gallon and 6-gallon Car Wash Buckets

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The BucketCaddy™ is the perfect accessory to mount all of your favourite wheel, tire, & detailing brushes to the lip of any 5-gallon or 6-gallon bucket!

Are you tired of fumbling through your wash bucket trying to find the right brush? With the BucketCaddy™, all of your brushes are now nicely organized and easily accessible! It's also great for storing your brushes when not in use allowing them to air dry after each car wash safely.

The BucketCaddy™ was designed to hold a variety of different types and brands of bushes:
- Two inner hooks fit large and small of any brush with a "rod-style" handle
- Two outer hooks are perfect for wheel and tire brushes or any brush with a hole in the handle
- Three large holes fit boars hair detailing brushes

- Approximately 7.5"x7"x2"
- Securely clips onto the lip of any 5-gallon or 6-gallon bucket yet is still removable
- 3D printed out of durable PETG plastic
- Manufactured in Atlanta, GA
- 5-gallon bucket and brushes pictured are NOT included
- Standard version clip the BucketCaddy directly to the lip of your bucket (i.e. no Gamma Seal)

- The BucketCaddy is only compatible with standard 5-gallon and 6-gallon wash buckets
- It will NOT fit correctly on non-standard wash buckets smaller than 5 gallons



If you use the 2-bucket method, we recommend clipping the BucketCaddy™ to your dirty water wash bucket. If you use the 3-bucket method, we recommend clipping the BucketCaddy™ to your wheel & tire bucket.

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