The Rag Company - Cyclone Ultra 10X Wash Pad - 10in x 10in - Black

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The Rag Company's CYCLONE ULTRA 10X Wash Pad is ideal for all your Washing, Soap & Bucket Washing, and Rinseless Washing needs. Enjoy a Swirl-Free experience with every wash! For maintenance, we recommend washing the CYCLONE ULTRA 10X Wash Pad with P&S Rags to Riches 

Additional Product Details:

  • Hundreds of Thousands of Premium AA-Grade (Highest Grade) 100% Split Korean Wooled Polyester Microfibers Per Square Inch that Hold a Huge Amount of Your Favorite Suds
  • Long, Luxurious Fibers that Quickly and Safely Encapsulate All Dirt and Road Grime From Your Vehicle and then Easily Rinse Free for the Next Pass
  • The Finest Materials and Seams that are Carefully Double-Stitched and Hidden For the Ultimate in Protection and Durability
  • Materials Tested Around the World in All Conditions to Find the Perfect Microfiber / Foam Pad Combination
  • Perfect Partner with your favorite Car Wash Soap. Create a World-Class Level of Lubrication to Safely & Easily Glide Over All Types of Paint and Greatly Reduce Washing Induced Marring
  • With Proper Care The Rag Company's CYCLONE ULTRA 10X Wash Pad will Last and Last Through Seasons of Washes


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