The Rag Company Ultra Air Spray Applicator

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The Ultra Air Spray Applicator Tool creates a precise combination of air and liquid into a delicate stream to quickly and effectively apply dressings, coatings, and protectants to your vehicle's surface. Whether you're a car enthusiast or a professional detailer, this is a remarkable tool to have in your arsenal.

Built to Last:

Designed with durability and convenience in mind, the Ultra Air Spray Applicator is constructed entirely from robust metal components. This ensures that you can take it apart and reassemble it without the fear of cracking or damaging the tool, guaranteeing longevity and reliability.


With the Ultra Air Spray Applicator, you’re able to tip the bottle in any direction without your work being interrupted. Work right side up, inverted, or sideways; the inside weighted tube truly “goes where it flows".

Product Longevity

When the solution is sprayed using the Ultra Air Spray Applicator, the contents of the diluted mixture become atomized; this means the particles become so small, that they are more easily and effectively able to attach to the vehicle surface.

Customizable Application Process

The Ultra Air Spray Applicator Tool is equipped with an adjustable knob that controls the spray pattern array; twist the knob and pull the tube outward to create a narrow single stream spray for accurately pinpointed applications or, for a fanned disbursement, push the tube inward to reach larger surface area applications.

The Ultra Air Spray Applicator delivers the right level of power using our innovative mixing valve. Feel empowered by having complete control over the liquid-to-air ratio, allowing you to fine-tune your solution for optimal results.

Effortless Storage:

When you're done with your detailing work, the Ultra Air Spray Applicator Tool comes equipped with convenient storage hooks for easy organization and space-saving storage options.

Key Features:

  • Durable Metal Design, Built to Last
  • Satin Black Painted Finish
  • Transparent Chemical Chamber
  • Multi- Adjustment Spray System (Air to Chemical Mix)
  • Weighted Chemical Pickup Tube (360 Degree Spray)
  • 4cfm@90psi
  • Free Rotation Speed: 5000RPM-8200RPM
  • Air Consumption: 120L-200L/min
  • Liquid Consumption: 3L-3.7L/hr
  • Input Pressure: 6-8 bar
  • Air outlet connect: US standard

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