The Rag Company ULTRA RIP N' RAG XL Multi-Purpose Microfiber Towels

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The Rag Company takes the already impressive Rip N' Rags and made them even better. You still get a high-quality edgeless reusable microfiber towel on a roll, but with a bunch of upgrades befitting the name ULTRA:

  • Designed for those working with coatings and sealants, the XL version has a Pearl Weave and 280 gsm designed to more smoothly level top coats.
  • Larger 16"x16" size provides a greater surface area for picking up excess and smoothing out your protective coating.
  • Plush and thirsty 70/30 blend that is lint-free and scratchless

Like almost every microfiber towel, these towels can be used to apply and buff:

  • Detailing cleaners
  • Polishes
  • Waxes
  • Sealants
  • Plus dusting and touchups.

Even with these upgrades, you can still use them for cleaning in the shop, house, garage, boat, or RV then tossing them in the wash to be reused over and over. With proper care, these can last for hundreds of uses and washes. Thanks to their edgeless design, they are safe to use on delicate surfaces like glass, mirrors, crystal, electronic screens, etc.

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