Buff Brite Hammerhead Tool - Wide Area Pet Hair, Sand and Lint Remover

Sale price$46.99 CAD


The Hammerhead is just what you need!

The Hammerhead will cover a 6 inch wide area easily. Just drag the tool backwards and the polymeric silicone does the rest. It will last for years under normal use. 

Just like the smaller tool it will easily adapt with its 1.5 inch (35 mm) outside diameter and 1.25 inch (32 mm) inside diameter

If the day ever does come that you were out the bristles on the tool there are replacement bristles that will pop right in and replace the old ones.

If you love your pets but hate what they leave behind than you need this amazing pet hair eater. 

Hammerhead makes cleaning floor mats, carpet, cars, trucks and more super easy. Remove pet hair, dirt, debris & dust with the Hammerhead tool.


Easily works with your existing vacuum

Simply attach the Hammerhead tool to your vacuum and remove pet hair and debris with ease.


Easy to use. Save time, money and hassle with the Hammerhead tool.


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