CarPro Dquartz GForce - 10ml Kit with 50ml Eraser

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High clarity, super-durable hydrophobic glass coating based on DQUARTZ nanodiamond technology

The all-new DQUARTZ GForce glass coating – an evolution of the nano diamond technology providing superior protection and crystal-clear vision!

Dear car enthusiasts, it’s time to elevate your window protection. 

Enhanced Hydrophobic and Adhesion Technology
This product was redesigned hydrophobic and adhesion tech to ensure a strong bond with your windows, allowing water droplets to effortlessly glide off the glass, delivering outstanding hydrophobic effects even at speeds below 50 km/h. Say goodbye to blurred vision on rainy days – DQ GForce offers the perfect solution.

Revolutionary Nano diamond Technology
GForce incorporates the latest DQ technology with nano diamond particles, providing unprecedented scratch resistance. This coating not only restores the luster of your windows but also shields them from scratches and dirt, ensuring your windows stay spotless.

Year-Round Protection, No Fear of Weather
Whether it’s scorching summer, freezing winter, or unpredictable autumn, DQ GForce is your ideal choice. This resilient and efficient coating offers long-lasting protection for your windows, ensuring exceptional visibility in all weather conditions.

Protecting Your Windows Means Protecting Your Safety
DQUARTZ GForce not only delivers outstanding aesthetics but also greatly enhances your driving safety. It is an unparalleled choice that allows you to drive with confidence in clarity of vision, whatever the conditions.

Kit Contents:

- 10ml D.Quartz Gforce

- 50ml Eraser

- 5x Cotton Pads

- 1x Terry Weave Towel

- 2x DQ Car Stickers

- 1x User Manual.

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