DIY Detail Max Gloss Rotary Polisher

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Introducing the DIY DETAIL Max Gloss Rotary Polisher – your ultimate companion for achieving professional-grade results in automotive detailing from the comfort of your garage. Engineered with precision and power in mind, this rotary polisher is designed to restore your vehicle's finish to its former glory effortlessly.

The DIY Detail Max Gloss Rotary will bring your paint to a gloss you’ve never experienced before. Designed by Yvan Lacroix, this tool will satisfy the needs of the most discerning detailer. Features include:

  • High torque 1000w motor
  • Electronic feedback for precise speed control 
  • Double reduction gearing for power and cooling at lower speeds. 
  • Quality NSK bearings
  • Precision ground helical gears for reduced noise and vibration. 
  • 30 foot Ultra Flex power cord 
  • 5/8 11 spindle 
  • Rubber-covered handles for improved comfort and ergonomics. 
  • Includes 5 and 6-inch backing plates. 
  • Easy-to-service brushes
  • Powerful flow through cooling. 

Experience the thrill of transforming dull and faded paint into a mirror-like shine with ease. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a novice detailer, our Max Gloss Rotary Polisher offers intuitive controls and ergonomic design for comfortable handling and optimal maneuverability.

Featuring advanced rotary technology, this polisher delivers maximum efficiency and effectiveness, making quick work of swirl marks, scratches, and imperfections. With adjustable speed settings and interchangeable pads, you have the flexibility to tackle various detailing tasks with precision and finesse.

Take your detailing game to the next level with the DIY DETAIL Max Gloss Rotary Polisher – the perfect tool for achieving professional-quality results and unleashing the true potential of your vehicle's paintwork.

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Really smooth. Long cord is the best feature. Speed 1 always

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