GEIST 3 Plus Care Kit for Leather & Vinyl

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  • PLANT & ALGAE BASED CLEANER - new generation cleaner that lifts soil and dirt trapped in the grain.
  • PREVENTS LOSS OF ELASTICITY AND SHRINKAGE ON LEATHER - caused by loss of moisture and ageing.
  • SLOWS AGEING - the Conditioner maintains oil/moisture balance, thus slowing the ageing process.
  • SATIN FINISH – the Conditioner leaves a light satin finish. No heavy residue. Leaves a natural feel.
  • PROTECT - the Blocker's hybrid polymers prevent dye transfer. Reduces the damage caused by abrasion.
  • BREATHABILITY & SOFT TOUCH – retains air & water vapour movement through leather for a natural feel.
  • NO GLOSS, NO SMELL – The Blocker does not add any gloss, leaves no residue and has no scent.
  • QUALITY – Designed in Germany. Our products contain no 'PFOA' harmful chemicals or 'nanoparticles'.

Clean, protect/shield from dye transfer and friction damage, prevent shrinking and cracking keeping it soft and supple | For leather 3 yrs+ and leatherette

Pigmented (non porous) leather commonly found in cars, furniture and other leather items has a coloured protective finish. Modern leather finishes are high-tech - they are elastic, wear-resistant and, very importantly, air and water vapour permeable. Most high-quality vinyl or PU leather imitations are also coated with protective finishes. These finishes are protected with a clear coating called a ‘topcoat’ which carries waxes and additives that give the surface a soft touch and prevent scratches, wear, creaking and squeaking. The elastic finish must be protected for the surface to retain its new look,
 soft touch and stay squeak free.

Why 3 Plus?

After about 3 years the moisture level in leather has dropped, shrinkage and elasticity loss (micro-cracking) can often be observed. A penetrating conditioner such as Geist. Leather Conditioner can prevent such degradation. For the first 3 years: use Geist. Dye & Friction Blocker to protect against dye transfer and friction damage after cleaning.

What is it for?

  • Suitable for leather, vinyl, artificial leather, vegan leather, fake/faux leather or pleather. Works for all leather colours. Not suitable for absorbent leather like aniline, suede or nubuck.
  • Clean with Rapid Cleaner.
  • Protect with Dye & Friction Blocker.
  • After 3 years, also nourish with Leather Conditioner.



  • STEP 1: For regular cleaning, spray the product onto a cloth and wipe the surface, or spray Rapid Cleaner onto a sponge to create foam, and work on to the surface from seam to seam allowing it to lift the soiling from the pores for about 2-3 minutes. Wipe off with a lint-free cloth. If needed, leave on difficult stains for longer. For deeper cleaning, scrub gently with the brush included and wipe off using a lint-free cloth or microfibre towel away from sunlight and heat. Extreme stains on vinyl and on colour-fast leather can be treated with the cleaner and left for longer periods, several hours if needed, before working gently with the cleaning brush. Always test in a hidden area for colour loss before cleaning. Poorly or old recoloured leather/vinyl paints can rub off when wet cleaned.
  • STEP 2: Spray Leather Conditioner onto a clean lint-free cloth and apply evenly. Allow to slowly soak in - ideally overnight. If overnight isn’t possible allow at least a few hours for the conditioner to penetrate before applying the Blocker.
  • STEP 3: Wipe off conditioner residue using a clean dry cloth. Spray Dye & Friction Blocker on a soft cloth and apply evenly on the surface. Allow to dry. For maximum protection, apply after every cleaning treatment or once every 3 months.



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