GEIST Surface & Screen Cleaner 500ml

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  • ANTISTATIC: a water-based spray cleaner with an antistatic effect.
  • CLEANROOM TECHNOLOGY: based on the same technology used in cleanrooms.
  • SUPER SAFE: plant-derived and free of soap, silicone and enzymes.
  • MULTIUSE: ideal for quick cleaning of a multitude of surfaces including vehicles, house and office.
  • KEEPS DUST OFF: the surface does not attract dirt as quickly, keeping dust off for longer.
  • PLEASANT SCENT: leaves the surface feeling like new with a pleasant scent.
  • QUALITY: designed in Germany. contains no harmful 'PFOA' chemicals or nanoparticles.

To clean glass, metal, leather, vinyl & plastic | Cockpit, dashboard, infotainment system, phone, laptop & tablet screen, kitchen stone worktop

A plant-derived, water-based spray cleaner with an antistatic effect that is perfect for light cleaning surfaces which have dust or fingerprint marks. Leaves no streaks even on deep black, matt or high gloss surfaces, touchscreens or glass. Even safe on leather, vinyl, Alcantara, stainless steel, plastic, lacquered wood or composite materials. Leaves a fresh, new look and smell.

Which surfaces does it clean?

  • Touch screen devices such as mobile phones, tablets and e-readers.
  • Laptops, monitors and TVs.
  • Camera lenses.
  • Glass windows, windscreens, mirrors.
  • Stainless steel worktops, sinks, fridges.
  • Stone kitchen worktops.
  • Glasses and sunglasses.
  • Leather, vinyl and plastics.
  • Piano black panels and other glossy surfaces.


  • Geist. Surface & Screen Cleaner comes in a trigger spray bottle. Check that the spray head is set to the spray function then lightly mist a section at a time.
  • Wipe off soiling with a soft, lint-free or microfibre cloth.
  • Alternatively, spray directly onto a cloth and wipe.
  • Clean touchscreens carefully without hard rubbing. Switch off laptops, infotainment systems or other devices before cleaning. Do not spray the product directly on keyboards or electronic parts. Ensure rings or bracelets do not cause scratches.
  • Leave to dry slowly.
  • Apply as often as required to maintain a perfect new look.
  • Can be used on all interior surfaces including glass, metal and plastic, which can be cleaned with moisture



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