GEIST Rapid Leather & Vinyl Cleaner 500ml

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  • QUALITY: designed in Germany – this high-quality leather cleaner contains no nasties.
  • NEW GENERATION: plant-based soil lifter for leather & vinyl.
  • EFFECTIVE: pH-balanced, gentle yet powerful cleaner that lifts dirt stuck in the leather grain.
  • VERSATILE: Suitable for non-absorbent leather and vinyl.
  • SAFE: ingredients include no PFOA or forever chemicals making it super safe to use.
  • NON-STREAK: streak and residue-free cleaner
  • SUPER SAFE: lifts difficult stains and soiling without damaging leather or vinyl/PU surfaces.
For car interiors, sofas, furniture, bags, shoes and more | Plant & Algae based detergents | 100% soap & solvent free | 500 ml / 16.75 fl. oz

Formulated for use as a general leather cleaner that provides deep, quick and effortless cleaning for leather, vinyl, synthetic or artificial leather. It ensures flexible surfaces retain their new look optics and softness. Users of traditional ‘strong’ cleaners often soap based, will appreciate the low, leather-like pH of this cleaner which can even be left on extreme stains overnight.

100% soap and solvent free!

The high-performance, soap-free Rapid Cleaner uses plant and algae-derived detergents to loosen the soil. The longer it is left on the surface the more soiling and dirt are lifted without damaging the colour as less friction is needed. Without unnecessary chemicals, it offers you an awesome clean you can feel good about!


  • For regular cleaning, spray the product onto a cloth and wipe the surface, or spray Rapid Cleaner onto a sponge to create foam, and work on the surface from seam to seam allowing it to lift the soiling from the pores for about 2-3 minutes. Wipe off with a lint-free cloth. If needed, leave on difficult stains for longer.
  • For deeper cleaning, spray foam onto a cleaning brush, scrub gently and wipe off using a lint-free cloth or microfibre towel away from sunlight and heat. Extreme stains on vinyl and on colourfast leather can be treated with the cleaner and left for longer periods, several hours if needed, before working gently with a cleaning brush.
  • Always test in a hidden area for colour loss before cleaning. Poorly or old recoloured leather/vinyl paints can rub off when wet cleaned.

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