GTECHNIQ EXOv4 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating - 30ML

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EXOv4 delivers a hard film that makes water-spots easy to remove, offers great resistance to all wash chemicals and can help withstand micro-marring. It produces a high-gloss, warm-looking, extreme hydrophobic finish.

It has a consistent film that is more durable and resistant to road salt and washes chemicals than its predecessors. Application is easy, with a slow flash-off time, giving more time to achieve a perfect finish.

All of the above combined with the introduction of a good degree of swirl resistance means EXOv4 represents a major leap forward in Last Surface Protection (LSP) technology.

Quick Overview
  • 18-24 months durability
  • Easy to apply
  • Adds gloss, water and dirt repellency

Simple Steps To Help You Get The Best Results

  • EXOv4 can be applied as a standalone coating or as a top layer for  Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light (CSL) – we recommend applying CSL as a base coat for easy to mark and dark paints
  • If you are applying over CSL, EXOv4 should be applied at least 1 hour after application of the CSL.
  • If you are applying over C1, EXOv4 should be applied a minimum of 4 hours, but less than 12 hours, after you finish the C1 application.
  • Ensure that your vehicle is out of direct sunlight but warmer than 5 degrees celsius, is completely dry and will stay dry for at least 12 hours after application
  • Wipe down all surfaces using Gtechniq Panel Wipe and a The Rag Company  Microfiber Towel The Pearl - Edgeless (apply the Panel Wipe directly to the cloth and not directly to the panel) – if you are applying over newly applied CSL or C1, this step is not required
  • Shake the bottle well and wear gloves
  • Prime The Rag Company Pearl Applicator evenly with a good amount of product so that the pad is saturated
  • Apply with the applicator provided in overlapping strokes to an area roughly 2ft by 2ft. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes after applying to a panel and buff with a towel, followed by a second towel to remove any smearing, leaving the surface slick
  • Once you have finished coating your vehicle we recommend repeating the process starting from the same place as you did for the first layer and coating panels in the same order so that you coat your entire vehicle with two layers of EXO
  • Allow the coating to cure for at least 12 hours before exposure to moisture
  • After application, we recommend that you do not wash the car for at least 7 days
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Use within 3 months of opening

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