Labocosmetica LEALE - 250ml & 500ml

Size: 250ml
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LEALE represents a mix of technology and simplicity of use: a "problem solving" polish able to perform different tasks on different surfaces.

It is free of paraffin and filler and its processing is clean and sincere: does not cover the defects but corrects them leaving a finish comparable to a polish finisher .

LEALE is an innovative and sophisticated medium abrasive polish. With a water-based and silicon-free formula, it contains synthetic abrasives able to act on all surfaces, including delicate surfaces such as tacky, reflow and extra-soft paints that are every detailer’s nightmare.

  • Accurate and clean cut.
  • Ease of use: excellent results even at low speeds.
  • Excellent refinish on delicate paints.
  • Suitable for use with orbital and rotary sanders.
  • Doesn’t tarnish trim and easy to remove.
  • High gloss finish.
  • ODOURLESS and low VOC content.
  • Ideal for one-step application on all hard/soft/delicate paints.

Easily remove marks caused by incorrect cleaning, swirls, common imperfections and sandpaper marks up to 2500 grit, even on ceramic and hard surfaces, with a clean, accurate cut that offers an excellent, high-gloss finish.
Thanks to the innovative “Cold Technology” it eliminates defects even at low speeds, drastically reducing the likelihood of creating holograms or causing damage to surfaces due to high working temperatures. With the right pad, it can be used to remove medium/severe scratches and quickly restore surfaces in a one-step application, offering a high-gloss finish and exceptional satin feel.
LEALE represents the perfect mix of advanced technology and ease of use: a “problemsolving” polish able to serve different purposes on a range of surfaces. Paraffin and filler-free, it has a clean and pure action: it does not cover defects but corrects them, leaving a finish similar to that of a refinishing polish.

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