Labocosmetica Lubrifica - 500ml

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Innovative formula: creates an anti-adherent and lubricated cushion that minimises friction, allowing the clay bar to safely slide over the surface, preventing scratches or swirls, maintaining maximum efficiency and lubrication even with extremely abrasive clay bars, clay mitts or clay blocks.

High lubrication: thanks to its strong lubrication properties, it is also ideal for sanding or polishing. It can also be used for priming the pad, before and during polishing to make working times longer; and ease working with highly abrasive compounds.

It does not leave residue, marks or streaks: ideal for cleaning the surface after polishing, as it does not leave any residue and there is no need to rinse the vehicle after using it.
It does not contain silanes: therefore it does not interfere with the polishing cycle and the application of protective films.

High cleaning capacity: allows the surface to be cleaned from dust and residue created during polishing phase without leaving marks or streaks.

Coloured pigments free: ideal for the application of glass films.
Ideal for the application of PPF: its formula makes the application of anti-stone protection films easier and does not alter the colour.

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