Labocosmetica VÉNERE - 250ml

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The Glaze & Primer VÉNERE has a double function: it is a polish finishing in grade to enhance the finish and significantly improve the gloss but it is also a primer before applying CUPÌDO, able to enhance the performance of the sealant. Abrasives very fine, sophisticated resins and an enhancer of adhesion, allow to improve the gloss, enhance the depth of dark colors, highlight the reflections of metallic and pearly colors and give a pleasant silk effect to the touch.

Easy and quick to apply, VÉNERE can be used both by hand and machine ; extremely concentrated and easy to remove, VÉNERE creates a deep shine and an incomparable reflection, filling even small scratches and leaving no residue on rubber or plastic parts.

Using a Dual Action
You can spread it out on the paint surface at a speed of 1 to 3 and build it.

Applied manually
VENERE, when used with CUPIDO, produces synergies. When used together, the coating maintenance protection period for the vehicle is increased from 4 months to 9 months because Primer Booster (VENERE) helps nano-complex sealant coating (CUPIDO) to fully absorb to painted surface.

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