Maniac Water Spot & Mineral Remover

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Ready to use – specific for the removal of limescale stains

Waterspot Mineral Remover is perfect for removing mineral contamination caused by highly sedimented limestone that can no longer be removed with a classic washing cycle consisting of pre-wash and wash with neutral or alkaline shampoo.


Before using this product, we advise you to proceed with a thorough washing, according to the correct washing sequence: rims and tires, pre-wash and manual washing with shampoo. If at the end of drying there remain: limescale stains, strongly anchored mineral residues or halos on the crystals, Waterspot Mineral Remover is perfect for removing these sedimented contaminations.

Having carried out a complete washing, it will be easier to identify all the points where the contamination is concentrated and to act in a localized way with the most suitable technique.

For localized stains, directly apply the product onto the surface, leave it to act for 30 seconds and then wipe it off with a damp microfiber cloth. Finish it with a second soft, clean microfiber cloth. For tough stains, repeat the process, leaving the product to work for a little longer but no more than 60 seconds, to be sure that the product does not dry on the bodywork. When cleaning the windscreen and rear window, we suggest cleaning half a window at a time and then rinsing. In case of limescale marks across the bodywork, apply the product directly and uniformly to one panel at a time, working it in evenly with a Microfiber Pad. Lastly, rinse with clean water before moving on to the next panel.

For less accessible parts such as badges, locks, wheel nuts or mouldings, use a soft-bristled brush in order to distribute and work the product. For a better rinse in total safety, you can use the Exterior Quick Detailer. You can learn more about its use in its dedicated video. Its formula is effective and safe on all surfaces, and, for its processing, we can also help with a soft bristle brush, useful for reaching delicate, difficult-to-access points or for working during the phase of removing limestone from glass. plastics, emblems, logos and moldings. Always proceed one panel at a time, or work small areas without ever letting the product dry.


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