Maniac Waterless

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Ideal for dry car washing

  • Washes, polishes and protects in a single operation without using water;
  • High lubricity;
  • It is designed to be safe on a wide range of surfaces;
  • Improves colour and gives a silky, shiny finish;
  • Anti Dirt Formula: limits the adhesion of dust and dirt;
  • It does not create streaks, streaks or residues;

How to use: 

  • Dilute 1:5 to 1:15
  • Spray the product evenly on the surface to be cleaned, proceeding in small portions at a time (e.g. a panel).
  • Allow the product to moisten the surface, softening the dirt.
  • Fold the clean microfiber cloth into 4 parts. Pass the first side of the cloth over the surface, proceeding in one direction, gradually lifting it as you remove the dirt.
  • After cleaning, finish the surface with a new, dry and clean microfibre cloth.
  • Continue the cleaning process using a clean side of the cloth at each step.


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