P&S Air and Fabric Refresher

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The Ultimate Solution for Refreshing Fabrics

Are you tired of stubborn odours lingering in your car or on your favourite fabrics? Look no further than Air & Fabric Refresher! Our powerful formula is designed to eliminate even the most persistent odours, leaving your fabrics smelling fresh and clean.

Refreshes Fabrics:

Say goodbye to stale smells and hello to fresh, clean fabrics with Air & Fabric Refresher. Our specially formulated spray penetrates deep into fabric fibers, effectively neutralizing odours and leaving your fabrics smelling like new again.

Odor Neutralizer:

Don't just mask unpleasant odours - eliminate them with Air & Fabric Refresher. Our powerful formula binds to odour-causing elements, effectively neutralizing them and leaving your space smelling fresh and clean.

Non-Staining Formula:

Worried about staining your fabrics? With Air & Fabric Refresher, there's no need to be. Our non-staining formula is safe for use on all types of fabrics, leaving no residue or discoloration behind.

Fresh Scented:

Not only does Air & Fabric Refresher eliminate odours, but it also leaves behind a pleasant, fresh scent. Say goodbye to musty, stale odors and hello to a clean, refreshing scent that lasts.

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