The Rag Company - Ultra Wheel and Body Brush

Sale price$23.99 CAD


The next evolution in wheel brushes is here!

Designed from the ground up by professionally accredited detailers, this brush will help you clean your wheels, body panels, and wheel wells in new, efficient, and comfortable ways.

This design has the following features:

  • Crisscrossed soft bristles - Much like your toothbrush, having the bristles facing in a crossed pattern allows for the same reach and scrubbing power, no matter which direction you are holding it or moving. They are stiff enough to power through dirt and grime, but soft enough so they won't scratch your paintwork. 
  • Bristle length - The ice grey bristles are longer at the end to provide better reach at any angle. Plus, the bristles are long enough to get into small details of the wheels such as around logos, screws, and lugnuts.
  • Ergonomic curved design - The handle is molded for maximum comfort and is curved to provide leverage whether you are scrubbing head-on, upside-down, or away from you. It is designed to be long enough to reach anywhere without being cumbersome or hard to store. The head is curved to allow for a larger contact patch on curved body panels, the barrel and face of the wheel, or inside wheel wells.
  • Rubberized handle and head - The rubber grip won't easily slip out of your hand when the scrubbing gets soapy and the rubber head will help prevent scratching or marring the wheel surface or paint finish. 

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