The Rag Company - Wrap N' Tuck Suede Coating Applicator Kit

Sale price$13.99 CAD


If you're looking for a more traditional (but still convenient) way to apply coatings to your car's exterior? The Rag Company has a kit for that. 

The kit includes:

  • 2 Light Grey Foam Blocks with a Black "Squishy Foam" pad
  • 20 4"x4" Light Grey Suede Cloths (220 gsm)

The block is easy to hold in your hand and maneuver over any surface. The block has notches that are designed to hold the suede cloth to the squishy foam pad. The cloth is held securely and helps lay down a smooth, even line of your desired exterior coating. 

When you are finished, place the foam block back in the clamshell packaging. to reuse later.

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